Welcome to Cryptodeal

Cryptodeal is a community based online marketplace that deals in cryptocurrencies as well as traditional payment methods like cash, Paypal and card. In a community of like-minded people who own and use cryptocurrencies on a regular basis, and want to trade them for other things, you'll find a place where you can make transactions with the freedom and confidence that you would fiat currency.

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming the new normal for millions of people around the world, but you don’t want to be restricted in how and where you can use these fast, secure and anonymous methods of payment. Right now, the number of places that cryptocurrency users can actually exchange their assets for goods and services is limited, but we’d like to change all that for Irish shoppers and help you take that big step forward into adopting a fully crypto lifestyle.

Who is Cryptodeal for?

The great thing about cryptocurrencies is how open and democratic they are, so we’re proud to say that Cryptodeal is for everybody, whether you’re an avid trader looking to do deals, a business happy to trade in cryptocurrencies or an average customer just looking for other ways to buy and sell. With more ways to pay than most other sites and lower transaction fees, it really couldn’t be easier to get involved and join the community.

Is Cryptodeal safe?

As Ireland’s first online marketplace to allow customers to buy and sell in cryptocurrencies, it is our hope for the future that the adoption of crypto continues to grow and becomes normalised everywhere. As a result, we have designed a payment system that is as secure and failsafe as possible so that you can do business safely in the knowledge that your assets and goods are secure. Powered by blockchain, cryptocurrencies are designed to be as secure as possible and practically fraud-proof, but we also have robust security measures in place at our end to ensure you can shop with confidence.

Get on board with the future of payment

As cryptocurrencies become more popular and accepted by mainstream businesses and financial institutions, more and more people will see that the secure, dispersed and democratised method of buying and selling is the future. That’s why you need to make sure you’re ready for the transition as a business, and ahead of the curve as a customer, and Cryptodeal is the ideal place to do it.

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